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You may want to set up some default context that is available in every example so that you don’t have to pollute each example with the same repeated code.

To do this, add the following configuration.

RSpec::Documentation.configure do |config|
  config.context do
    let(:foo) { 'baz' }
    let(:bar) { 'qux' }

foo and baz will now be available to all examples. Under the hood this is just an implicit RSpec.shared_context block that is automatically included in every example, so the let used here is the same let that you’re already familiar with and has no hidden caveats.

Of course you can still configure before(:each) blocks to do setup using regular RSpec configuration in your rspec-documentation/spec_helper.rb.

The below example demonstrates the above configuration in action:

subject { "#{foo} #{bar}" }

it { eql 'baz qux' }
"baz qux"

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