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Simple and concise string colorization for Ruby without overloading String methods or requiring verbose class/method invocation.

Paintbrush has zero dependencies and does not pollute any namespaces or objects outside of the #paintbrush method wherever you include the Paintbrush module.

Nesting is supported, allowing you to use multiple colors within the same string. The previous color is automatically restored.

Quick Example

require 'paintbrush'

include Paintbrush

subject { paintbrush { purple "You used #{green 'four'} #{blue "(#{cyan '4'})"} #{yellow 'colors'} today!" } }

it 'outputs simple colorized strings' do
  expect(subject).to eql "\e[35mYou used \e[32mfour\e[0m\e[35m " \
                         "\e[34m(\e[36m4\e[0m\e[34m)\e[0m\e[35m " \
                         "\e[33mcolors\e[0m\e[35m today!\e[0m\e[0m"
You used four (4) colors today!

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